Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On helps you access resources and care for men’s mental health.

In our participating pharmacies, you will find the knowledge and skills of pharmacists in helping men in their communities who live with any or all of the following: depression, anxiety, insomnia, problems with alcohol and/or tobacco, and thoughts, intentions, and/or behaviours related to suicide. Visit a pharmacy today.

On our website, you will find curated resources for the same topic areas. The resources recommended by Headstrong are recommended based on research and best practices in mental health. We provide resources in a variety of formats to ensure there is a resource that works for everyone. Explore our resources to find self-help solutions using websites, apps, books, and more.

Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On is funded by the Movember Foundation. Please take the time to visit the Movember website for more information on their work and the work they support in Men’s Mental Health.

Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On is a research project led by Drs. David Gardner and Andrea Murphy and their team members, Drs. Stan Kutcher and Ruth Martin-Misener, from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Pharmacists in Nova Scotia are leading the Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On program in their pharmacies. To find a pharmacy, go to our Pharmacies page. To reach out to our team, visit the Contact Us page.

DISCLAIMER: Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On aims to support men who are living with mental health and addictions problems through relationships with community pharmacists. The specific areas of focus of the initiative are anxiety, depression, insomnia, suicide, and tobacco and alcohol use. An important way to support men, which is the focus of Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On, is to help them learn about and access services, supports, and resources that are local to them, in person, in a book or app, or websites. The Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On website and its information is monitored regularly, however, we cannot guarantee that all of the information is accurate and up to date. The Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On website and program does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, timeliness, suitability, or reliability of the information on this website or links to external apps or websites launched from this site. The Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On provides links to third party website, apps, and textbooks and is not responsible for the content/information and privacy practices of these third parties, and use of these resources is at your own risk. Users of this website should always consult with and seek advice of a licensed health care professional for any health and medical conditions or related questions. The Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On website provides information about and facilitates access online, app, and text resources, but it is not intended to replace or in any way substitute for advice, information, or care from a licensed health care professional regarding medical and health advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. The Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On website and its contents may change at any time without notice. This website is not intended for crisis support.

Crisis: Are you in crisis?
Call 1 888 429 8167 (toll free)
or 902 429 8167 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Or Call 9-1-1 or go to your closest emergency department.

If you’re looking for the Mental Health Commission of Canada headstrong website, you will find it here.