Is alcohol negatively impacting you or someone you know? Is it time to cut down? Headstrong recommended resources can help with this. Learn about low risk use of alcohol and much more, whether alcohol is just an occasional problem or a problem much more often than that.

A ReThink of the Way we Drink

This engaging whiteboard video on rethinking the way we consume alcohol was created by Dr. Mike Evans, a family doctor, medical educator, and scientist in Toronto who is very well known and appreciated for his easy-to-follow and highly educational videos. This video will help you rethink your use of alcohol, whether you drink just a little or much more.

Saying When

Author: Martha Sanchez-Craig
ISBN: 9781770529045
If you want to take charge of how much you drink, or when you drink, Saying When is a successful program that provides step-by-step directions that can help. It is available as a book or an app, and is designed for people who find their lives are being negatively impacted by drinking and having difficulty cutting back.


Drinkaware is an independent alcohol education charity founded in the UK. Now available as an app for Apple and Android devices, this resource provides facts about alcohol consumption, advice on how to reduce alcohol intake, a drink tracker and self-help tools. The aim of Drinkaware is helping people make better, more informed choices about their drinking.

This Naked Mind

Author: Annie Grace
ISBN: 978-0996715003
This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life is an excellent resource for problematic drinkers who want to gain control over their drinking. Annie Grace takes a new approach to self-help drinking books, by talking about the social and cultural aspects of why people drink, not just the psychological. She narrates the book using her personal experience, giving the reader a personal connection to her story and increasing motivation to stop (or cut back) drinking.
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