Many people experience insomnia, for a variety of reasons. However, many people do not have accurate information about insomnia and how to improve their sleep. For those experiencing short-term and chronic forms of insomnia, the resources recommended by Headstrong will instruct your on ways to improve your sleep.


Sleepio is an evidence-based, 6-week program for insomnia that can be accessed online or by a downloadable app for Apple devices only. It uses cognitive-behavioural therapy to treat insomnia (CBTi). At the beginning of the program, an animated Sleepio expert (the Prof) helps you set your goals by completing a detailed sleep questionnaire. Over the following days and weeks, the Prof then leads you through a series of CBTi lessons. There is a one-time $300 fee (USD) to use Sleepio for 12 months.


SHUTi uses cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi) to help improve sleep. US and Canadian sleep experts developed SHUTi’s 6 interactive "cores", which are lessons that take less than one hour each week to complete. Each core is personalized to your current sleep patterns and goals. They lead you through changes that result in substantial sleep improvements. SHUTi is $149 USD for 6 months and $215 for one year.

Go! to Sleep

Go! To Sleep is a 6-week online course, created by Cleveland Clinic Wellness. It uses cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi) to help you learn new methods that improve your sleep. Included are six weekly lessons. Access is available online only for $40 USD. A companion App is available, but doesn’t include the lessons.

Sink Into Sleep

Author: Judith R. Davidson
ISBN: 13: 9781936303380
In Sink Into Sleep, psychologist Dr. Judith Davidson narrates readers through a simple approach to treat their insomnia through a structured week-by-week CBTi program, using her "Six Steps to Solid Sleep". Her program is related back to a fictional character "Julie", which she uses to demonstrate how to use each of the six steps to get better sleep. The book includes it's own sleep diary and a sleep efficiency calculation. Other highlights of the book include: a chapter dedicated to sleep medications and their effects; separate chapters for males and females that address how the physiological differences of genders may affect sleeping patterns; a chapter discussing depression and anxiety and their relation to insomnia, and; a chapter reviewing other medical conditions that can worsen insomnia, including chronic pain, heart disease, and allergies.

Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep

Author: Colleen E. Carney & Rachel Manber
ISBN: 13: 9781572246270
Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain is a self-help book that teaches the reader solutions for insomnia, with a focus on the cognitive and mindful aspects of CBTi. Although this book contains all of the components of CBTi within it's contents, it does not have a structured program. Instead, it educates the reader on how to combat the common negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that affect someone's sleep, particularly in those who have anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The process involves developing weekly goals and filling out various questionnaires, tables, and worksheets. Other highlights of the book include: -- A chapter on various medications and substances, and their effects on sleep. -- Recommendations for other self-help resources for insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and smoking cessation.

End the Insomnia Struggle

Author: Colleen Ehrnstrom & Alicia B.
ISBN: 13: 9781626253438
This step-by-step guide provides thorough instructions, tools and surveys to create an individualized insomnia treatment plan. After completing their self-chosen program, they assess how effective their program was in improving their sleep, and the workbook provides advice on how to add on to their treatment plan if desired. Other highlights of the book include: a recurring segment titled "Common Questions and Answers", where the author addresses common misconceptions people have about sleep, insomnia, and CBTi, and assorted worksheets and activities to complete.

The Insomnia Workbook

Author: Stephanie Silberman
ISBN: 13: 9781572246355
The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need is an all-encompassing insomnia workbook to learn about each aspect of CBTi, as well as the lifestyle factors that may be influencing sleep. Readers begin by filling out a comprehensive questionnaire about their sleeping habits and pertinent medical history, and then continue on to learn about the five components of CBTi. The workbook contains a variety of activities to complete, each with a explanation of the questions asked, and how the answers relate back to the reader and their insomnia. Other highlights of the book include: a chapter dedicated to sleep medications and their effects; a chapter on females only, and how their physiology may affect sleeping patterns; a chapter on additional factors that can influence sleep, including healthy eating, minimizing stress, and exercise; a chapter at the end of the workbook instructing the reader on how to prevent relapsing into bad sleeping habits.
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