Quitting smoking can be very challenging, but there are resources that can help make the process easier. Whether you’re thinking about quitting for the first time, or have tried multiple times to quit smoking or using tobacco, Headstrong has identified and recommends some great resources to help you quit.

What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking?

This engaging whiteboard video on the single best thing you can do to quit smoking was created by Dr. Mike Evans, a family doctor, medical educator, and scientist in Toronto who is very well known and appreciated for his easy-to-follow and highly educational videos. While nothing can make quitting smoking easy, this video just might give you the motivation (and capability) to make it happen.

Tobacco Free Nova Scotia

Tobacco Free NS offers personalized support to help smokers quit and stay quit. All services are easy to access, free and confidential. The most important service is the Quit Line. It provides personalized counselling support by telephone. Access is rapid.

My QuitBuddy

Developed by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, My QuitBuddy is a free, personalized app that provides information about the health effects of smoking, tips and distractions to help users manage cravings ("danger times"), and helps users to monitor their tobacco use.


Developed by the US National Cancer Institute, QuitGuide is a free app that allows smokers to set goals and monitor their progress on the road to quitting. QuitGuide provides tips on coping and dealing with cravings. Most importantly, QuitGuide helps smokers understand their smoking patterns to build skills to overcome these patterns and stay smoke-free.

On the road to quitting

Created by Health Canada, this resource provides a guide for smokers to help you quit and stay quit. It provides support for a variety of strategies, including setting a date to quit, facing the roadblocks to quitting, regaining control if you slip up, and dealing with withdrawal. It is available online or as a downloadable PDF.
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